The swimming lessons are engaging, fun and professional. My children are developing great technique, confidence, stamina and look forward to their swimming lessons. ASA allows for the progression of each child on their own merits within small swim groups in each class.

Andrea, mother of Zsofia

My daughter Zsofia started at Platypus level with Ms. Judith as a toddler very wary of water. Since little she was quite scared to be near the pool and hated to be splashed in her face. She would freak out going under water at all. After few lessons observing and trying hard what was asked […]

Milena, mother of Alecos and Sophie

Melissa and her group are very competent and they are able to satisfy the basic needs of children willing to become competent swimmers but also to refine the techniques of those who are talented and wish to competitively pursue this discipline.

Joanna, mother of Ali

To say that Ali enjoyed swimming is an understatement... Michael Phelps has replaced super Mario as his new hero!

Omayma, mother of Fay

We are so pleased and happy with the huge improvement that Fay had achieved in the past few months since joining Arabian Swim Academy in April.

Geoff, father of Willow

I would heartily recommend ASA to any parent seeking to enroll their child in swimming lessons, as both you and your child will not regret it!

Fenia and Anna Maria

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your attention, love and commitment, my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed swimming with you.