Parent and Child

Young babies have a natural affinity with water; in fact they most often prefer to be in the water than out.  Because of this, it makes sense to use the positive relationship between a mother and her newborn to expose the baby to a warm, secure and loving environment as soon as possible after birth. Very young babies quickly learn the cues for going under water; submerging comfortably and enjoying the magic of short underwater adventures.

These classes are designed not only to build the childs confidence in the aquatic environment but also to provide the parent with knowledge to assist in the childs skill development. It is a fun class that incorporates songs, games, activities and plenty of encouragement.

Important Skills Learned:

  • Confident enjoyment in and under the water
  • Jumping in, turning underwater and swimming back to the wall for safety
  • Reaching up to a high wall and climbing out
  • Holding on to the pool edge and moving to the shallow end or steps
  • Relaxation in the back floating position
  • Popping up to breathe in order to see the wall in longer distance swims
  • The importance of safety rules.

All of the above could save a child’s life!