Child – Learn to Swim

Our small graded classes, taught with swimmers of similar ability ensure maximum opportunity for learning.  Our caring dedicated instructors develop confidence and ability.  Achievement is acknowledged as the swimmers move through the various levels of our swim program.


Seahorse, Platypus, Turtle, Duck, Blowfish, Bluebottle, Angelfish, Frog and Dolphin

This together with our friendly learning environments will ensure that the swimmer and their family find our lessons an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Seahorse – Our introductory level for younger swimmers, aged between 2.5 to 3.5 years old. Children in this level have had some swimming lessons before, usually through our Parent and Child Program and are comfortable with being away from their Parents.

Platypus – This is an introductory level for swimmers over 3 years old with little or no experience in the water. Children, who will not put their face in the water, may demonstrate some anxiety about entering the water or leaving a parent.

Level 2 – Children at this level can swim, are confident and can get to the side safely on entry. They will start to learn the basic skills required to swim Freestyle.