Over the course of our teaching, we receive a lot of questions from parents. The following section is intended to assist in preparing you for your child’s lessons. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call, drop us an email or talk to one of our deck supervisors at the pool.

What does my child need to bring for each lesson? 

  • All children should dress appropriately. A swim costume, cap (compulsory for those over 3 years of age) and goggles. We do not allow children to wear board shorts because when wet they make it extremely difficult for a child to gain the appropriate buoyancy required for optimal swimming.
  • All children should have warm clothing and footwear to leave the pool. Why? Heat escapes from your child’s body especially through his/her head and feet. Maintaining an even body temperature is more conducive to good health. Even elite athletes – no matter how hot the day, or how hot they ‘feel’ – will always put on an extra layer after competition or until they have ‘cooled down’

Are nappies compulsory for Babyswim (6 months to 3 years)?

YES! All children who are 3 years of age and under, regardless of their level of toilet training, and older children who are not yet fully toilet trained MUST wear a swim nappy- Disposable, waterproof swim/aqua nappy covered by a re-usable, snug fitting swim nappy or swim costume.
Should my child have a group lesson or a private lesson?

Small group lessons provide children with instruction, time to practice, time to watch others perform the skill, important recovery time and time to play. Yes, time to play! This is valuable time.

However, not all children learn best in group lessons. Parents should take into account their child’s temperament and learning style and discuss this with our Head Coach. Sometimes for example, a very nervous child may benefit from a few private or semi private lessons to gain trust in his/her teacher and learn a little about the environment within the pool.

I think my child is misbehaving – should I intervene? 

Definitely – No!

Our dedicated professional teachers will decide if the actions of a child are disrupting to the lesson and preventing others from learning.

What about the cost of lessons?

We believe that swimming is the most valuable and important lesson you will purchase for your child. Not many lessons a child takes have the ability teach skills which will make recreation so enjoyable and have the potential to save a life.